Friday Fun

I’d only just arrived at my Aunt Felicia’s house this morning and I already trashed one of her fancy vases. Yeah my summer was starting off with a bang all right.

I was leaning over a table to get a closer look at  the carvings on the edge of it when I knocked over the antique vase. I watched as it fell in slow motion like movements, twisting around until it smashed into a million pieces. The sound of it echoed around the foyer and I was sure that my aunt would come running to see which of her treasures had been obliterated. But no one seemed to have heard. My lucky day, I guess.

Now instead of roaming around the big old beach house I’m going to have to find Aunt Felicia to ask her where she keeps the broom and dust pan. I’ll have to tell her that I broke the old teal and gold vase. I wish my mom and dad would’ve let me stay with my best friend this summer. At least me and Wren would be having fun. I bet she is still having fun at home. I better get this over with.

“Aunt Felicia?” I yelled as I walked into the formal dining room then into the kitchen. No answer. Where is she? Running through the kitchen to the small dining room, the living room and the sitting room, I still couldn’t find her. “Hellooo”? I call out in song, not that I can really sing but this house is sort of creepy and it made me feel a little better.

I looked upstairs int he bedrooms, all five of them, and still no aunt. As I was walking back toward the stairs, I heard singing. A soft lilting sound floating in through the hallway window. Cautiously peering outside I saw my aunt in her garden, tending one of the many flower beds, and she is singing. I didn’t know she could sing. It seems as if the flowers are responding to her voice. Weird, but at least I found her and now I can confess my crime.

Letting the screen door slam behind me, I jumped down the steps landing with a thud next to the flagstone walkway. Following that path until I get to the flower gardens and Aunt Felicia.

“Hi”, I called out.

“Hello Darcy. Is something wrong?”

“Well, sort of. But don’t get mad.” You say that to an adult and they usually do anyway but I had to try. “I kind of broke the vase by the door. I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t mean to break it.” I don’t have to try to look apologetic, I really am.

“Which door?”

“Umm, the front one. It’s teal and gold vase with the irises on it.” As if I have to describe it, sheesh, it is her own house. I must sound like a moron.

“Did you clean it up?”

“Not yet. I don’t know where the broom is.” That’s it? No lecture about being careful?

Brushing the dirt from her jeans as she stands and looks at me. Sizing up my words I suppose. She smiles at me, “It’s alright Darcy, you didn’t mean to do it. Let’s go clean it up together. That way I can show where the broom closet is, in case you need to find it again.”

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Ooo, story time! What a pleasant surprise. 🙂

    Is this part of your new WIP? What genre is it (besides YA, I’m guessing)? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah, it’s a rough draft version of a new one. Stretching out into the YA realm. My nephew asked me to write a ghost story that he can read,my adult writing is too dark for him at age 13, so I may have to change the MC to a teen boy. You’re welcome and thanks for reading. 🙂

    I may make Fridays my story days….thinking about it right now anyway.

  3. Ooh, what’s it about?? Are the flowers going to come to life and take over the world? LOL, I always have to turn everything into fantasy.

    • Lol. No the flowers are just flowers. But it will have witches and ghosts and mystery to solve. At least that is thought on it right now.

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