Try It On

Try it on for size, if it fits then wear it, own it, it’s yours. If it doesn’t fit, don’t despair, there are a lot things to try on. No, I’m not talking about clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, or belts. I’m writing about writing genres and styles, ways to approach the task at hand, the overall fit of your book.

When I first sat down to write my novel, I was intimidated, stressed, excited and wondering if it would be something pleasurable to read when I was finished. I tried on many different styles, opening lines, outline forms, character sketches and sized the genres against my personal way of writing.

I looked at horror, romance, science fiction, urban fantasy, high fantasy, contemporary fiction for women, paranormal everything, comedy, memoir, young adult and anything that jumped in front of my eyes. In short – I looked at everything to see where the idea of my story fit the best.

Once I found the correct fit the flood gates opened and the words tumbled out of my writer’s brain. I let them fall and flow,  fitting into place on the page until they were done. The first draft was done, completed, finished. Round one, ding-ding-ding, was over.

Exhausted I stood back and wondered if those words, that wiggled, wriggled and fell outta my head onto the page, still fit the original idea, genre and overall look of the book. I decided to let them rest in the exact spot they landed in the book. Letting them stew and simmer for a while, I felt, would be the best thing for them and me.

I was tired of the constant flow of consonants and vowels all jockeying for position as they joined their brethren in the paragraphs and pages of the manuscript.  I thought that I’d let them rest for about a month while the plot marinated in my writer’s brain, charging up for round two.

Well round two started a week later and I found that they (the words) still fit the original idea of my story and the genre was still a great fit.

So after all of these words what I’m saying is this – find out what fits you, your writing and your style, then see where it can take you.

5 thoughts on “Try It On

  1. I’ve struggled with this! I tried maybe 10 or so different openings to the last novel I wrote, just trying different styles and approaches. I think I’ve finally settled on something. I think that most stories have a style that fits them best. It’s not always easy to figure it out though.

    This post was oddly encouraging. I can’t say why LOL but mmm somehow…

    • But if writing was easy for me, I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much. (I think I just figured out my next blog post. lol) I got your writer gears going? That’s cool. 🙂

  2. Definitely writers have to try all different outfits on for size! And each store (genre?) might number things differently, or have unique cuts. Special occasions (projects?) might call for a new style. And as we age, of course our bodies (writing?) change shape, so we’ll have to readjust and tailor to suit. 🙂

  3. I actually never thought twice about what genre I would write. I’ve loved fantasy since I was a little girl, and I always dreamed that I would write it someday. Finding my own voice and style was another story. That’s something I think I’ll be developing for years to come.

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