Evolution Of Ideas

I love when ideas evolve into something more than I originally thought at the beginning of the idea. It’s akin to planting a seed and watching it grow. You poke the little package of soon-to-be-something into the soil, water it, ensure that it gets light, and —-Ta-Da! —- a plant has grown. Then comes the difficult part of keeping it alive.



To keep it alive you have to check the soil, prune when needed, make sure sunlight is given in correct measure and harvest at the prime time of harvestation. Yeah I made up a word.


Ideas are the same as seeds. You have an idea, plant it in your writer’s brain, give it nourishment and watch it grow. Give it too much encouragement and it could wither under the weight of wordiness. Too little love and it withers for lack of attention.

Correctly done (each to their own on how) and the idea grows, evolves and gains momentum to catapult into a full-grown story. Or article, artwork, memory, whatever it was that you planted the idea to become.

This process of evolution has occurred quite often for me as of late. Watching the ideas I have planted grow into maturity and not only within my writing. In my life in general things are evolving into betterness (yeah I did it again with the making up of a word) and the overall evolution has caught me a bit off guard.

I know that when I really put effort into something I accomplish the task. I just hadn’t realized how much effort I was holding back in the area of writing groups. Once I let loose with the effortness (okay that’ll be the last time, in this post, maybe), things started happening at a faster pace.

I had a meeting with my writing group last night and there was some great discussion about the evolution of our group. I put forth the ideas I wanted,as an organizer, to plant and grow. The ideas were met with wonderful enthusiasm. I was tentative at first to really speak up about my plans but I decided, what the frog, let’s just go for it.

I went and now the evolution has gone into high gear. The group is becoming better, more solid, cohesive, more about helping each other succeed in getting our ideas harvested. Lesson learned for me, I can tell you.

No more with the hesitancy when it’s something I feel is good, right and beneficial for me. I need to stop the draggage (couldn’t help myself) of the feet and just do it already.

Plant, grow, nurture, harvest. Four key steps to finding my way through the evolution of ideas. What are you planting?

7 thoughts on “Evolution Of Ideas

  1. Sounds awesome!! I’m glad you spoke up for what you wanted. (I’m also glad you used the phrase “what the frog” hehehe!)

    “I just hadn’t realized how much effort I was holding back… Once I let loose… things started happening at a faster pace.”

    {nods} I know what you mean. I have that same thought/experience often, unfortunately. I seem to go through cycles of slacking vs. productivity.

  2. Speaking of moving forward. I have a meeting place that might work. My hair stylist is also the co-owner of Mitchells and she (actually a while ago) offered their meeting room at the WC location on Cox Rd. It’s REALLY nice—tables, chairs, a little kitchenette. SHe has given me the manager’s name and she will be contacting her also to tell her to basically let us do whatever we want. What do you think? Too frou-frou?


  3. I say we meet on a ferris wheel and communicate via cups and string. This will actually *require* one to speak up and be heard.

    I think this is the only reasonable alternative.

  4. I make up words all the time! Only the coolest people do. 😉

    I love this analogy. That evolutionary process is part of what keeps me writing. Even though you’re one telling it, a story can still surprise you. It’s almost surreal how things come together in ways you don’t expect, as though you were solving a mystery instead of designing a plot.

    And I agree with Kristan. The phrase “what the frog” might the best part of this post. 😛

    • What can I say – I like frogs. Collect them, statues that is not the real ones. Too much trouble with aquariums and such. 😉

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