Bliss Is Found In Rewriting and Chocolate

Yeah I gotta have my chocolate, a necessary evil, my one true addiction, my only love…that was a bit overboard. But I think you get the general idea – I’m in love with chocolate. It is the balm that coats my aching soul. I think I’m in an odd mood this morning.

It must be from the state of rewrite madness I’ve been in this month. Lots of red has spilled over the pages of my manuscript. Slicing through words, cutting away the extraneous, laying bare the plot. And it feels like I’m actually getting somewhere with the rewrite.  Finally.

I saved the original copies (I like to look back and see how it evolved) in a file on my computer and in the metal cabinet that stands guard by my desk. I may even meet my goal of having round number two done by the end of June. I like accomplishing my goals.

Today I’ll read my story out loud to myself and see where I need to finish the tweaking. I wonder if my neighbors can hear me when I read? That would be funny. Especially when I do my best to use a  different voice for each character. Maybe I should yell out a disclaimer that I’m writing a book and I do not have multiple personalities. Or at least I don’t have issues with my personalities – lol.


I have started to write out first draft notes  for a paranormal romance story. A story that (gasp) has a happy ending to it. Really different for me. I like to play in the shadows where nothing is really what it appears. And the stories I write from that shadowy place are dark, menacing and murderous. Ending with a twist for the protagonist, not a good twist usually. So a love story with smiles at the end will flex my writing muscles. But it should be fun..right?


Go out and do something different today.

Have a Great Weekend.


4 thoughts on “Bliss Is Found In Rewriting and Chocolate

  1. I think we grow as writers by flexing those muscles. Can’t wait to see what you think of your PNR experience!

    And duh, chocolate = magic. 😉

  2. “I like to play in the shadows where nothing is really what it appears” absolutely! I love the sketchy lines between worlds, realities, imaginings. Love what you’re writing, what you’re thinking about writing. Such a good place. 🙂

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