Urban Fantasy v. Paranormal Romance

Okay those two genres aren’t really fighting with each other. It’s just that I’ve noticed some confusion out there on the wonderful world-wide web. It seems there are some that think that the two are the same or so similar that they can be shelved together. Well in my opinion, they are very different.

Urban Fantasy  – Main character has a goal to save her/himself, the city, the world, etc. But the main goal is to save something, do something big, not to fall in love. Sure there can be a love interest but it takes a back seat to the more immediate problem that faces the protagonist. The end can be a high-five or a dark and twisted death.

Paranormal Romance – Main character has goal to accomplish a certain task. Within that task it is the goal to get the girl or guy or whatever the protagonist is in love with at that time. In other words the main goal is love and or sex. The protagonist can still save the world, city, etc., but only because love is the ultimate goal. A happy ending so to speak.

Check out a guest post by urban fantasy author Kim Harrison at  SF Signal. She states it much better than I did.

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