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So I wandered over to Pimp My Novel today and read a very interesting post about ‘publishing time’.

No not the amount of time it takes to actually get a book into print, but the kind of time that dictates how things are done a publisher’s office. No particular publishers are mentioned in the post. And it’s not stated that all publishers follow the same odd kind of unscheduled time arrangement, or something like that, but it infers that it’s a common theme.

Weird, odd, strange, but it did pique my interest and I went spiraling off into the great world-wide web of information.

Zooming along the great information highway, I gathered some info from a few sites that had articles about different kinds of time. And now I know why so many people are odds with each other and the world. It’s all about time. Really, not kidding. Well at least that is my opinion.

The different kinds of time that I found are Polychronic and Monochronic Time. Basically it boils down to how you manage your time and what you feel is a priority in your life. To me it seems as if the articles are talking about personality rather than time. Then I searched onward.

I found some articles that talk about these different time based cultures. Really, a time based culture? Yes, it’s true. Actual studies have been done on the subjects. Here is a link to a pdf chart that lists some of the differences. Intrigued even more I persisted in the looking through the various web sites.

One site in particular had some good starting information about the american anthropologist Edward T. Hall. He is the one who wrote about the different time cultures. The website is Changing Minds. This site offers a variety of information about the culture and personalities of humans.

Another site that offered a good starting point to gather some more information ref Edward T. Hall is Wikipedia.  Which led me around to edwardthall.com, a website about his professional contributions to anthropology. Also see the post at Society for Visual Anthropology article about Mr. Hall.


I now have information about time based cultures, I just have no idea of what I’m going to do with said info. Maybe a short story about how I burned up a lot of time by researching information about time. Could be a story about a person stuck in time, or about someone getting lost in the underhill. The possibilities abound endlessly and ruthlessly in my writer’s brain.

Maybe the next time I’m late and someone is upset with me I’ll just say, “Don’t blame me because you are so monochronistic.” Until next time – enjoy the links, the day, the night and all that happens in-between.

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