I have been afflicted with this particular -itis. I woke up this morning with a sense of determination to finish the second draft this week. Okay so that may be a tad bit unrealistic,  it’s a side effect of finishitis. I’ll finish by the end of the month – there that is bit more reasonable. But really there is no cure other than to finish whatever it is you are working on at the moment.

Whether it’s a writing project, garden idea, cleaning up thing, house renovation, birthday party plan, dog grooming exercise, just plain old exercise, a swimming goal, chimney cleaning project, cleaning out the closet, rearranging your shoes according to heel size and/or color, or anything else you’ve been working on finishing.

I realize that some of you reading this may not know what this itis is but those of you that are afflicted will certainly relate to what I’ve written here. So get some coffee, tea, OJ, ginger ale, cola, vitamin water, Gatorade or whatever drink you use to refresh and keep you going. And jump in. Get to it. Finish something. You know it’s what you need. It is the only thing that will cure us.

So I shall leave you with just one link for today at Writer Unboxed (I think I’m currently in love with this blog but I’m not sure) that talks about the dreaded query letter. Love this post. Very inspiring. Check it out. Read it. Then FINISH that project. The one that is currently firing through your veins, twisting in your dreams and screaming for your finishing attention.

Finishing – the only cure for finishitis.

I’m going now.

Finishing it.

The End.

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