Going to the Google home screen today I noticed a neat little guitar thingy (I guess it’s supposed to spell Google?) in place of where the word Google normally resides.  I know that Google has had different images and symbols in place of their normal letters from time to time. This one caught my attention because  it appeared fun.

I ran the cursor over it and – it played like a guitar! I know some of you are thinking duh and so what, but it got the brain gears turning. I started to think about what has been bogging me down lately, not just with the rewriting but with life in general. Then there it was in front of me on my computer screen ( no, not a guitar), fun.

Fun is my missing element. And yes I consider fun a very important element in life and sadly, I had shelved it for a bit.  Well maybe not shelved it completely, I merely pushed it to the side in favor of being more business like.  I thought that to be taken seriously as a writer I had to be serious. That I had to disengage my brain from having fun.

Really not a good thing for me.

Last weekend that started to change, a little. I attended a conference where readers and authors of romance got together to share their love of romance. I had fun. Yesterday I lounged about at the pool with family and had fun.

Then today I saw the Google guitar thing and yes, I had fun with that too. I mean how could you not have fun with that guitar? It has a record button! And you can playback the music you record. So, I clicked record and happily set about strumming away with the mouse. No it wasn’t melodical, lyrical, or astounding. But it was – Fun.

I apologize to Fun for not inviting it more into my life as of late. I just bogged down sometimes in the sludge of bills, rising gas prices, rising food costs, and wondering if there is going to be any kind of human habitat left for the kids being born now. So I hereby solemnly pledge to have more fun. Not that I’m going to ignore my responsibilities, but I am having more fun.

I have to. It’s my true nature. And don’t we all have to be true to ourselves?

So go out, find Fun, shake hands, give hugs and laugh until your sides hurt. Have a wonderfully, fun weekend!



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  1. Yes, fun fun fun! Fun is so key! Fun is why I now write YA instead of Literary, and why my writing has gotten so much better. 🙂

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