Oh What a Weekend

Oh I’m tired this fine Monday afternoon. I had a great weekend, a busy weekend, except for Sunday. Sunday I just relaxed by the stack of new books I have to read.

This past weekend I attended a writing kind of conference, my first ever, it was a blast. The workshops were informative, the authors in attendance were down to earth and personable, and the food was good too. And Money was raised for two local charities, One way Farm – a charity that helps children that have no one else, and AAF – Animal Adoption Foundation.

I went to the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together. It is a romance based conference and it showcased the sweet to the naughty and some titles that were umm, eyebrow raising. All in all I had a great time.

I have to say though, I was bit overwhelmed when I registered and walked into the main area of the get together. There were a whole of people in attendance and I sort of felt swallowed up at first. Everyone was having conversations with friends, fans and other writers, which made for a lot of noise (but it was the good kind of noise).

I went alone, by myself into the midst of what first appeared to be chaos.  Then I spotted it, a table with empty seats. I made my way to that table, asked to join the people already seated there and proceeded to have fun.

I found out that I was sitting a table of SICCO’s – lol – which stands for Sisters In Crime of Columbus Ohio – a local chapter of Sisters In Crime. A group of mystery writer’s from the Fairfield and Columbus, Ohio areas. After a few minutes of tentative introductions and conversation, I realized I had chosen the absolute correct table. We talked about what we were all writing, our aspirations about being published, and anything and everything that came to mind. It was as if I had found friends that I didn’t know I had. It was really that comfortable.

Some of the people at our table had pitch appointments with the agents and editors in attendance, not me I didn’t feel ready yet. There was some excitement when they returned. The pitches went very well  and the agents had asked for summaries and pages. I was happy for my new-found friends, and it gave me more confidence to know how down to earth the agents were at the pitches. I guess they’re not all scary – lol.


On Saturday I attended three workshops and again I chose the best ones, at least for me. One was about the best ways to market yourself and your work, another was an hour-long session with an agent from the Knight Agency. The last one was a workshop about e-publishing with people from Samhain Publishing.

It was fun, informative, and I plan on going again next year. And oh yeah, I think I spent too much money on new books, Barnes and Noble just had to have a mini store set up there.

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  1. Yay stack of new books! And even bigger YAY to your happy coincidence of sitting at a great table. That’s the best! (I did that at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop too. Thank goodness.) I hope you exchanged info with them so you can keep in touch!

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