Link it, Just Link it.

Today is a link list to articles that have come across my inbox within the various email subscriptions I have to writing blogs and other interesting sites.

The first is a link to Jane Friedman’s (this link goes directly to the article) post on her blog There Are No Rules . It’s a great post about trends in the publishing world that writers should be aware of. I did say be aware of and not be wary of. It’s a positive outlook on the publishing world and how it’s changing in the digital age.

Next up is the article on Chuck Sambuchino’s blog Guide to Literary Agents , ‘The Value of Reading Your Book Aloud’. Great advice and it’s something I do on a regular basis. I wonder what my neighbors think about the murder scenes? Lol.

Over at Pimp My Novel there is the article 5 Tools to Carry in a Conspiring Universe by Sarah Allen. It’s really good post about managing your time in a busy world. This week at Pimp My Novel there will be a different guest blogger everyday, check it out.

Drop in at Sarah Wedgbrow’s blog Folding Fields and check out the videos and music on the post visually speaking. The first one is short but the impact simmers in the writer’s brain, all the movement and color – love it. Sarah always finds interesting music to post. Open’s my ears she does.

And for the latest in the realm of urban fantasy books and great reviews of those books, skip (or hop if you like) on over to All Things Urban Fantasy. I know that my books I just gotta read list has gotten longer just from visiting this site.


And last, certainly not least, is the post at Writer UnboxedIn Defense Of Keeping Your Day Job by Jennifer Jabely. Great article about keeping your day(or night) job, writing in your off time and balancing the two. It’s good advice worth sharing.


So that’s it for this loverly Tuesday morning. I think I need to get some sleep now, (yaaawwwnnn), yeah, I need some shut-eye, forty winks, a nap, slumber, downtime for the conscious mind. Oh heck, you get it. 😉

2 thoughts on “Link it, Just Link it.

  1. Oh great round-up! I’m going to check out the ones I hadn’t seen before. And yes, I loved the Writer Unboxed post about keeping your day job (even though I didn’t keep mine, lol).

  2. Some great links here 😉 (thanks for the mention). I need to hit the urban fantasy site because I really need something new and different to read. By the way, I’ll email you about swapping (both books you mentioned sound cool) and I might just have something better than what I listed. Because it’s you. xx

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