Mundane Monday

I know I can live without it, but I’ve been feeling a bit lost without it. Internet access is a great thing to have. I can live, breathe, eat and sleep just fine without that connection but I want that connection. Fact is that I’ve become used to that connection.

No, I am not a cyber junkie. I don’t count the good things in life by how they rate on the world-wide web. I do love how I can see the world through the web portals. These little windows let me see people, places and spaces faraway from where I sit at home. Although I do admit that I can get lost within the spirals of surfing. The one link leading to another and another and another until I have lost a good hour or so surfing the info highway.

And I really got away from the whole point of my post today. It’s supposed to be about mundane things. Lol.

The everyday things that happen or rather the motions we go through almost without thinking about them. Such as but not limited to: driving, sleeping, eating, brushing your teeth, feeding the dog/cat/ferret or pet monkey, and anything else that is a normal everyday part of living.

A few days ago one of the people reading my novel said that there was a confusing moment in the book. It is when the main character is going home from work. On one page she (the MC) states that she is leaving for the day and then on the next page, she is home.

The beta reader was confused because the action of driving home was missing. A lengthy discussion ensued about said missing action and I finally got the point across that not every normal, day-to-day action has to be shown. Unless that action is integral to moving the story forward.

So that really started me thinking. I wonder what the story would look like (read like) if I took out all of the normal every day things that people do.  I did just that and it looked and read – horribly. Some day-to-day activities need to be shown and others not so much.

I mean, going to the bathroom doesn’t need to be shown unless, of course,  the toilet paper morphs into some kind of flesh eating virus, or the toilet itself sucks the poor person down the drain.

Okay well after much spiraling around I finally did get to the point of today’s post: to show or not show mundane activities.

Now that I’m a bit winded I think I’ll go for an iced coffee and watch the real world drift by for a bit.   🙂

4 thoughts on “Mundane Monday

  1. I often leave somewhere and arrive home without remembering driving it at all so that is actually very accurate to not include it…bit freaky sometimes how much the brain checks out of the mundane stuff. Will try to be more alert in the bathroom from now on too…thanks for the new fear!

  2. yeah, I think it’s a balance, depending on what the story needs. I like Robert Frost because he writes about the mundane. His writing makes the ordinary something more to think about. Love this rambling post, Joelle. xx

    • Balance is the key, too bad I haven’t gotten there yet. lol. I have to rethink a few things within the story. I ramble therefore…. I talk a lot. 😉

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