Inspirationally Speaking……

What inspires inspiration in the writer?

Could it be the singular moments occurring on a day-to-day basis strung together like an opulent gemstone necklace? Or maybe it is the momentous events that have helped shape the writer’s brain. Then again maybe it’s just as simple as waking up.

Inspiration comes in as many forms as there are writers out there in the universe. No two writers see the world in the same way, which is great otherwise all stories would be the same.

I often wonder about inspiration and if the ideas all exist someplace just waiting for us to grab a hold of one and spill it all over the page. Similar to that Netflix commercial where the movies are waiting around until it’s time to be sent out.

Have you ever been inspired to write? If yes, what was the spark of inspiration and did you follow it through to completion?

2 thoughts on “Inspirationally Speaking……

  1. Shoot. The answer is yes, and I don’t know, in that order. I remember once in high school writing out an entire short story in one sitting — on a couch in my parents’ office while I was waiting for them to finish working for the day. I don’t remember where I got the idea from, and I wish I could bottle up that drive to finish and sip from it every day, b/c nowadays my writing is much less about inspiration and much more about perspiration. I still love it, but it’s not that pure, easy nugget like it was that afternoon.

    • “nowadays my writing is much less about inspiration and much more about perspiration.”

      I hear ya on that one. Maybe it’s not as easy as before because now we think about first instead of just letting it flow. Hmmmmm…..makes me wonder about that flow. Where does it come frome, where does it go. Oh well now I’m rhyming so I’d better go. 🙂

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