May is for Murder

After the fun of April’s semi frenzy word play, I was left with a feeling of ….”Oh crap now what do I do?”

Obvious answer – Rewrite and edit what I wrote.

Another choice – Play with the other book in the wings that is desperate need of some loving attention .

My decision – Both. Yeah, both.

I have so much milling about in the writer’s mind that I have to go with the flow and nail down some editing and new stuff. Today’s post title is what I’m going to work on as far as new writing is concerned. I need to clean up the murders and delve deeper into the mind of the killer. She has yet to show me why she kills, even though I’ve asked on several occasions. I also need to print out road maps for the locations she does the deeds in/at/around something like that anyway. It’d be easier if she’d kill in one state but no, not my girl, she so likes to travel.

I have devised a schedule that I can stick with.

Mornings  – Chapter summaries. So I can get a better direction for the murderous mindset of this particular work. They are great for helping me stay focused and on track – like a road map. Ha – a map for murder.

Afternoons are usually taken up with my son’s school work, housework, dinner and the mundane things, I guess I have to do them sometime. And I can’t forget about the all important nap. Yup I nap in the late afternoons. Sort of a hold over from working third shifts and I can’t seem to shake it so instead I embrace it.

Evenings, I do love the night, are set aside for writing new chapters and rewriting existing work.

And that about sums up my days. Of course there are always incidentals that pop up and the schedule will adapt, or rather I’ll adapt my schedule to the pop-ups.

Find the time to write, it’s there, you just have to be open to seeing it.

2 thoughts on “May is for Murder

  1. Mm, I love napping! 😉

    But then, I don’t get as much done as you seem to, so I don’t think I quite earn it…

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