Looming on the horizon….

I see the end in sight!  I’m both excited and sad to see April come to a close in s few days. I’ve had a lot of fun writing a first draft in one month. I’ve been keeping (more or less) to the schedule I set up in the beginning of the month. I’m feeling good about the progress I I’ve made in the past day and a half. 

The word count is now a little over 50,000 words. In the next few days that should go up higher as I bring this book to a close. I have discovered a number of new things about this particular work in progress that have surprised me.

1. New characters, with one having a much larger role than I first imagined for him.

2. This story will have to be told in a series of books. The whole thing is too much for one novel.

3. I love the faster pace of the book.

4. I love writing with a specific outline to follow, even if I do follow it rather loosely.

5. I’m more in love with this work than I was when I first started.  lol