Mucky, Muddy, Middle

I wander through the tunnel of the muddy middle and hope, realllllly hope that I can reach that light I see at the end. That light being the end of my first draft. I can come up with a great opening line, I can write out an ending but it’s the misty, muddy middle that tends to drive me nutty.

But I’ve been slogging through it and it’s getting clearer but it’s not going as fast as I’d like it to go. I am a little behind on my word count goal. But it’ll pick up tonight and the word flow will go flying past and then at last I shall breathe as my goals are being happily met. Lol 🙂

By the weekend I’ll have the first draft done. I think I’m going to celebrate by baking cookies. Then I’ll jump into the first rewrite. I can already see where the story needs more description and fleshing out. It’s a good thing I have a great beta reader. With an evil glint to her eye, she reaches for the red pen then with a twisted kind of glee she begins to read.

1 thought on “Mucky, Muddy, Middle

  1. Me too. Stuck in the muck. But, I’m getting there. It looks so easy in the beginning, and then, oh. right.

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