Lining up the Time

Today is all about reading what I have written since the beginning of the month. I have to check on the timeline I have created. Something feels off. The last couple of chapters felt jumpy and not so fluid. Like hitting rapids in the middle of a pond.

What I have to rein myself in from doing though is a complete rewrite of everything. I need to keep the post it notes at the ready and force myself to use them. Making notes in the margins will also help keep the I-must-rewrite-it-all-now side of me at bay.

I already found a couple of elements that do not belong in this book. It’s as if the next one is creeping in and making itself known or at the very least making sure I remember that it’s waiting for me at the end. Hmmm…perhaps I’m being stalked by own imagination.  I suppose that is the side effect of being a writer. Lol.

1 thought on “Lining up the Time

  1. Yeah, I think when you’re in a sprint-athon like this, you really can’t be like, “Hmm, I could have run that last mile better. I think I’ll turn around and do it again.” WHAT?! Haha, that would be completely contradictory to the goal.

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