Writing full-time has been absolutely, unequivocally, astoundingly, unwaveringly wonderful.   🙂

I’ve been afraid to just sit and write on a full-time kind of schedule. I thought that it may become tedious and plain old blah. Not so. Half the fun is researching what your novel is about, planning the chapters, writing character sketches and so on.

The other half is (of course) the writing. The actual sitting down and putting the notes and scribbles into a more concrete form has been such a high for me, that I’m already making side notes for the next book.

And I know it’s still extremely early, but I’ve started to research agents and type up practice query letters. No, I’m not getting ahead of myself. I’m merely peeking into the unknown. That way when the book is as perfect as I can get it, I can refer to the list I’ve made of possible agents who may like the finished product.

Of course I’ll double-check the list and make sure those agents are still looking for what I write before I send out any queries. It’s all part of the fun.

I’ll post an update on Monday. I’ll be too busy writing and gardening this weekend. Have a greatly, wonderfully, astoundingly, amazingly, stupendously, awesome weekend.


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  1. I’m jealous of your euphoria, lol. You’re so happy, so purely joyful. It’s awesome. Maybe I’m a bit jealous, but mostly I’m happy & joyful for you. 🙂

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