Ketchup and Catchup

Nope, not a thing about tomatoes being squashed and smashed and poured into a condiment bottle. Just playing with words a little bit. And speaking of word play —

I may have lost a couple of writing days in the beginning of this week but I have played a great game of catch up. And I’m now caught up to where I want to be in terms of word count.  Current word count as of write (can’t help it) now is  <insert crazy drum noise here> 20,043.

I’m pleased as umm, as pleased as pleased can be, that’ll have to due for now. I have two other character sketches to knock out today. One character is most likely replacing the other and I have to figure the why, where, how part of that chapter.

I need to take a look a everything I have typed since APril 1st (no joke) and make slap some sticky notes to the pages where I have already thought of some changes to make. But I will not be doing any major editing until next month. I’m merely writing it out until I have completed the first draft then I can dive into it to polish and spit shine and work out the kinkys (I mean kinks).

By Saturday I should be at the halfway point in terms of word counts and pages. Sunday I’m re-potting a few more plants, then re-plotting a few more chapters. Monday is the beginning of the week that I figured would be the hardest for me to get through.  Only because if I’m too far ahead of my goal I may have the tendency to slack off instead of keeping the pace. So when I look at my weekly goal sheet I’ll have to include a little note that reads “STAY ON TRACK”.

My apologies I should have warned you that I was going to shout. Anyway have a great Thursday.


“Shout, shout, get it all out…” – Tears for Fears

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