Playing Catch Up

Ugh! Yuck! Phooey! That about sums up how I feel with my progress going into Wednesday. I was sidelined by a pesky sore throat/sinus infection.  With the right medication, lots of fluids, gargling,  and lots of napping I’m starting to feel better.

But I’ll have to double my efforts today to catch up with where it is I wanted to be by this Wednesday (which, as I see by the clock, is actually today). Oh well, the best laid plans and all that.

I know I’ll get there even if my steam was running a little low so far this week.  By Friday I should be at the halfway point and going into the weekend I may take a slight break to go out and take some photos at a local park. Or better yet, get my garden containers ready for planting flowers. Maybe that should be getting my container gardens ready for planting flowers. Lol whichever.

I should get back to bed and get some more sleep I have a lot to do later. This is going to be the first time this month that I’ll be writing more during the daytime hours than at night.





4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. You have to be flexible. Gardening would be perfect in this weather, and I know it helps me think about things more. xx

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