I am pleased with my progress so far. My word count is hovering around, between, alongside of about and approximately 2200 – 2500 words a day this past week.  Next week my word count goal is 3000 words per day. Not that I’m counting my success by the amount of words I am writing or anything (lol) but it feels to good to see it going up as I continue.

This weekend I’m going to knock out a few more chapters and get to work on fleshing out a character that wanted to have more of a say on the pages. It surprised me because here I thought that he was just a minor, minor sideline character. Turns out he was just waiting for me to notice him standing there quietly staring at me. He will shake things up a bit I think.

Okay I have had enough of a break, time to get back to it.


Write your way into someone’s story today, or better yet write yourself as a story and see where it leads you.

4 thoughts on “Wordswordswordswords.

  1. WOWOWOW that’s so many words! You’re incredible! Go you!

    (Also, I’m digging the new, simpler look.)

    • The best thing is having a great support group of family and friends and being excited about the process of writing and not just the finish line. I like the new look too I just can’t find where the blogroll went. Lol.

  2. Love the new look, those ferns are GORGEOUS. Excellent progress on your writing. I love when characters come out of nowhere–exhilirating. xx

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