How long is too long?

Get your minds outta the gutter people. I’m talking about opening chapters here. So far chapter one is about 4800 words. Double spaced, times new roman font size 12 equals to about 22 pages. And that is just the first draft version. I looked over chapter one today and fixed the typos and slapped some post it notes on the hard copy pages.

I already know that when I dive in for the rewrites/editing/final draft thing next month that I’m going to add about 2 pages to that first chapter. There is just some content that has to go in to streamline the story. I’m just considering breaking it up into the first two chapters. It’s doable and easy to do.

I’ve read a lot of differing opinions on chapter length oh well I guess I’ll let the story show me what is best. For now it is on to chapter two tonight. Jumping in off of my summary and it should be done in a couple of hours (give or take a few minutes). I never thought that summarizing, plotting, outlining (my own way of course) could be so much fun.


I think it may be the new pens and post it notes and journals and fresh ink for the printer and coffee and chocolate and the fresh night air and maybe it’s just a writer’s high.


Happy writing to all and to a good write!!

4 thoughts on “How long is too long?

  1. “I’ll let the story show me what is best” — I think that’s always the right move. 🙂

    Go Go Go!

  2. It’s definitely the new pens. 🙂 love that writer’s high when things are clicking. xx

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