Day One

Posting this later than I wanted to but I was all caught in words, sentences and paragraphs. Today went very well I accomplished my goal. According to my plan all I really had to do was write a one sentence summary of my book. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Well I can tell it was so easy for me to keep it one sentence. I started off with one sentence in mind and it blew up into a paragraph which then stretched out into a page.

Eventually though I did get it down to one sentence. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Even though I accomplished my day one goal I’m excited about continuing the flow of words, sentences and paragraphs. I just hope that my keyboard will survive the onslaught. Lol.

I should put a gold star on the calendar for today or maybe a glittery, shiny smiley face or perhaps I will just have a oreo cookie (properly dunked in milk of course).

Go forth and have success.

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