8 Days

The final week + a day countdown has begun.So before I embark upon the journey of April I have some last-minute details a.k.a. prepping to work out.

Final prep work consists of: sharpening pencils, stocking up on coffee, tea and chocolate, double checking to make sure new pens really do work, finding my stash of paper clips (misplaced them in the move in November last year), and making sure I have ink for the printer. Ran out of printer ink the other day it would really suck for it to happen in the middle of this particular project.

I also have my post-it-notes ready and waiting for post noting to the daily printed pages. I will be writing it all out then looking to those notes for anything I think should be added or changed. I have to remind myself – No Rewriting While Writing. Ahhhh…those little sticky notes will be my salvation.

Index cards with characters, settings, scenes, and the what happens notes are all at the ready. I bought multi colored ones and then color coded everything. The cool thing about it is that the post-it-notes are the same colors as the index cards so I can color code the changes and ideas too.

And I have to make sure I have the right musical selections on my mp3 player. Not as if I can’t change them but I’d rather have it ready before hand.


Ready, set, write —- almost ready anyway.


2 thoughts on “8 Days

  1. This is so hysterically you (I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with everybody else who is laughing at you). I may have to do my revisions exactly the same way–Joelle-style. whassup?

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