Tricks and Trade Offs

So I’ve been prepping for the rough drafting of April and a thought occurred to me. Well a lot of thoughts have occurred but this one occurred more than once.

Am I just tricking my mind into getting the book done by using a particular method? I mean as a serious writer I should be able to just sit down and write. Right?

Then I decided – so what. Doesn’t matter if I am tricking part of myself into just DOING IT ALREADY. The trade-off is a finished book/project/thing that has been crowding out most other things in my mind. I know it’ll be a first draft and most likely a very rough draft.


I can hug it and scream out loud – I have finally finished it!! Then jump up do a cart-wheel (or not) and celebrate with an ice cream dessert from Cold Stone Creamery.

Then take a couple of days to just savor that success before I jump back into it with a red pen and serious writer thoughts of making right oor better or the best it can be or something to that effect.

Hope I didn’t startle you with a Wednesday early evening post. lol

Okay back to the board as it were.

It’s all about the prepping until April 1st (no joke it’s when I’m starting).

4 thoughts on “Tricks and Trade Offs

  1. Sounds brilliant, Joelle. Glad you’re being disciplined–somebody’s gotta be. 🙂

    • I figured that since my meandering ways were not really working I’d better do something different. Now if I only can get paid for it…oh wait that is what being a published author will do for me. 🙂

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