30 Days til’ The End

I am embarking on a journey. It will start on April 1st, 2011 (no joke). I recently purchased a Writer’s Digest magazine – Write Your
Novel In 30 Days. And that is the journey I will embark upon.

A journey to finish (yes I said finish) my novel. I feel like I have been floundering lately and bought the magazine to help kick me out of my rut and so far I am intrigued by what I have read.

I will post weekly updates about the process, what worked or didn’t, and perhaps a few photos and quips and snippets that my mind throws out (or up) about my journey.

The title I decided on is 30 days til’ The End. I giggled a bit when I wrote it down so it stuck. Hence the title of today’s post.

Mondays are good for posting so I’m sticking with it too. I’m not saying that posts won’t show up on other days it is a journey after all. And journeys have many twists and turns.

Enjoy the day.

This is the first time I’m posting from my phone. It went slower than I thought it would. Lol

1 thought on “30 Days til’ The End

  1. That’s exciting! I will be reading your updates because I’m really interested in that book and how you will apply it to your novel. When you finish and you need a beta reader, I’m here if you need me. 🙂

    Monday posts sound good!!

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