Since it has been much too cold lately to go out for photography reasons I have been forced to stay inside and dream up, or rather think up, ways to kill a few who need to be killed. Only on pages people so no do not contact your local PD or FBI offices and say you know someone planning a few murders – lol.

Interestingly enough the main character in my book has had her fill of killing and really just wants me to finish her story already. I have been kind of getting back into the story to fill in the gaps. It has been slow going with all of the interruptions that have been piling up around me, over me and pulling me into tension so thick I do not think you could cut it with a knife it would take a chain saw or maybe just a snow plow (lol) .



While helping my son with his personal finance class this semester I have found some good info about goals and how to plan them out to make them more attainable. Although the strategy relates to financial goals I have been able to use it to get realigned with my writing goals for 2011.

The strategy is called SMART goal steps without further splaining here it is:


S – Specific

1. Can you get very specific with your goal?

– Ask yourself  – “What exactly do I want to write?”

2. Can you work on your goal in  smaller parts?

– Work on chapters instead of the whole thing at one time. Smaller chunks of your goal are easier to focus on.

M – Motivational

1. Do you feel emotionally charged about your goal?

2. Are your characters, plot lines, words, etc. emotionally charged?

3. Do you have the drive to complete your goal?

4. Are you going to finish your short story, book, poem?

5. Do you need to recharge your batteries?

A – Accountable

1. Can you track your progress?

2. Do you have a specific word or page count per day/week/month?

3. How are you going to track your progress?

R – Responsible

1. Will it cost you anything to accomplish this goal?

-This can be a financial cost (self publishing) or emotional cost,  such as writing a memoir – will family and friends                     like or understand why you are writing.

T – Touchable

1. When your goal is completed what will you be able to hold in your hands as a result?

– Such as a finished manuscript, self-published book, published magazine article, etc.


So there it is a smart way to work on my goals.  The only part of this list that is the same in the cyber text book is the SMART and what the letters stand for, the questions and thoughts are what I have rewritten to relate to writing.  ECOT – Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow is the online school that my son is enrolled in and I have to say I have gotten a lot of writing inspiration from the information in his classes.

Well get your snuggles on, stay warm drink some hot cocoa and get smart about your goals for 2011.  Lol