Apologetically Absent

I do apologize to those who may have checked my blog last week for any new posts. Life happened beyond my computer that needed much attention and unfortunately there was no attention span/time/energy  left for posting.

With that being said………………..

Life has been very energetic to say the least so far this year, which makes me a little cautious about the 11 months yet to come. Not that I don’t like being energetic and active and productive and moving at the speed of light (yes that last one is an exaggeration), it’s just that I enjoy a little rest period between the bouts of frenetic events. Some time to skip rocks across the pond, smell the irises, sip a nicely made daiquiri while watching the sunset, take a little afternoon siesta, okay you get the point.


I don’t like when things take over and I cannot get an hour (let alone a minute) to write whether it is my book or blog. So I’m asking for those of you out there that read this crazy blog thing to have patience with me.  I will be posting once a week for just a wee bit I’m aiming for Mondays then once things become a lot more settled again I will (hopefully) start upping the days of postings.

So enjoy your week and remember to stop and write or smell something good, or taste a new food or just something fun.

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