Enjoying what I thought I hated

I have gathered all of the computer files together into one file. Well that is I’ve done that with the files pertaining to my current novel in progress – haha my nip. Okay enough funny business.

I did this to see if they read as a novel or at least as a sort of novel. There are still a whole lot of missing pieces but it’s definitely fitting together better than I thought. So I am happy with how I’ve been going about this whole novel in progress thing.

But I feel like I should be further along in the story. With all the notes I have made and story boarding I’ve done I really feel like it should be at the very least, almost finished. I realized I am not happy (at all) with the pace at which I have been writing.

So I looked at the idea of (yuck) outlining. Yeah I think that outline is an Ugly word (note the capitalization there) in fact I have such a block against that little word that I was refusing to even try it again. That is until yesterday. I had an epiphany of sorts whilst I was reading the current issue of Writer’s Digest magazine.

You see WD has a great article about outlining. I was staring my nemesis right in the face or at least the words. But I pushed myself to read that article and found out that I have been outlining all along. Just not in the tradtional sense.

The article talks about the different forms of outlinning and I found my note taking/story boarding from right there. Well I rubbed my eyes and read the words again to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing and not just seeing what I wanted to see.

But it’s true. I. Have been. Outlining.

That truth racked and rattled my little writer’s brain. And I laughed at myself. It seems that I have been doing something I hated and was enjoying it. And only because I didn’t know I was actually outlining that it worked for me.


I am going back to the story boards, brainstorming, index card outlining with renewed vigor about the process and I’m sure the writing pace will pick up. I fully expect to get the first draft done within a couple of months.


Write on, read on and get your outline on.

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  1. WOOT WOOT! I Like this (note the capitalization there). And isn’t it funny how sometimes we are doing things without even realizing it?

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