Categorically Amusing

Well my cat has taken up the habit of sitting on my desk chair. I know that is not at all unusual in and of itself. But —- She has taken up the habit of sitting on my desk chair when I am also sitting on it. She occupies the back while I occupy what she has graciously left for  me to the front.

Funnier still she does this only when I sit down to work on my book.  Paying the bills online, aimless surfing, getting acquainted with the new look of FB – no cat co-pilot.  Only when I am clamoring to get out some new words for the book. Otherwise she happily cat naps on the foot of my bed.

I think that she thinks she is being my muse in reality she is just being amusing. She sits behind me purrs like a freight train, rubs her face on my back and then gets up on her back feet to place her front feet on my shoulders.  Perhaps she is just giving me encouragement in her own way. When I put her on the floor she chirps at me and flicks her tail in the air while stalking off to the bed.

I could probably write a book about the crazy crap that the cat does but then again I really don’t need another writing project at this time.


“The road goes forever on….”

1 thought on “Categorically Amusing

  1. AWW! That is so cute.

    In high school, my cat used to jump in my lap, hop up to the keyboard, and then turn around and face me. I think the subtle message was: “STOP AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

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