Happy Winter

Here’s a list of holiday things to do:

1. Stay warm (in cold climates of course)

2. Celebrate with laughter – and a little Irish Whiskey  – lol

3. Read a sexy romance – with lots of chocolate and a little Bailey’s.

4.  Celebrate with family, friends and life.

5. Takes lots of photos but just take care with which ones you post online.

6. Eats lots of great food.

7. Let someone else do the dishes.

8. Write a funny something on a piece of paper and give it to a random stranger.

9. Smile as you catch snowflakes on your tongue.

9.5  If you live in a warm place then smile as you think of how much snow those who live in snowy areas have to shovel.

10. Live, Be Merry, Laugh, Love and have a tickle fight with your significant other.  🙂


Happy Seasonal Greetings to All!!!!

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