Most Bizarre Dream

So the other night I dreamed of the characters in the works in progress that I’m not really progressing with as fast as I’d like to be progressing. lol.

Anyway the dream was:

I was walking down a street (not one I recognized) and I stopped outside of a cafe and looked in the window. I was watching the people there eat, drink beverages and talking amongst themselves. I thought that this was not too out of the ordinary until I spotted a group of people at a corner table talking loudly and gesturing quite a lot. I thought that this may turn out to be an interesting conversation so I focused in on that group and listened more intently as well.

Then I recognized the group of people.

There were all characters in the my books! And there were talking about me and how I have left them hanging in various stages of their stories. It turned out to be a very interesting conversation indeed. I wished right then that I could somehow record this event outside of my dream state.

I walked to the door and tried to get in but the door wouldn’t budge so all I could do was watch and listen to that wild group of people talk. I knew they knew I was there watching and listening because several times a few them turned and smiled at me. It was an odd, weird and fun dream.

It’s sais that our dreams have meaning and if that is true then the meaning within that dream must be for me to get back to work and progress the stories more than I have been (or not been) as of late.  Still it’d  have been fun to interact with them in my dream.


Write on and forever on , dream a little (or a lot) then get back to the page. Have a wonderful week.

2 thoughts on “Most Bizarre Dream

  1. “the works in progress that I’m not really progressing with as fast as I’d like to be progressing”

    LOL I know that feeling. I’ve never had my characters chastise me in my self-conscious, though. I think I’m too good a sleeper for that. 😉

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