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Holidays Are Hell.  Not exactly how I think of the holiday season, although the traffic certainly ranks up there with that thought. Today I am referring to a book. Holidays Are Hell is an anthology that came out on 2007 has short stories written by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Marjorie M. Lui and Vicki Pettersson. Four stories by four very different dark fantasy authors. Each one taking you on a wild ride through a different holiday – Winter solstice, Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving. Guaranteed to leave you wanting more from each author. So if you would  like to join witches, vampires, ghosts and a new kind of superhero on a jovial romp through the holidays then pick up Holidays Are Hell today.



The second book is one I have yet to read but I am intrigued by the background story I saw on 60 minutes this past Sunday evening. The title of the book is A Secret Gift and it’s a story about a man in the depression era who gave what he could to local families to help them have a Christmas celebration in the Canton Ohio area. A very heart warming story of compassion. The man used the alias B. Virdot  and he didn’t expect anything in return according to the story about the story. I normally don’t watch news programs but that caught my attention before I flipped the channel. I’ll be buying the book sometime in the next week or two and I’ll let you know if I liked the book as much as the news story about it.  Check out the link to the original news story to get a better idea of the book and the author who by the way is the grandson of B. Virdot.


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