Musical Monday

Today I’m listening to Flight Of the Hawk – Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants. A great modern meditative kind of CD.  Also there is Dvorak – Slavonic Dances and Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata.

And of course I must have something from the pop side of things too (I love the variety) – Jem – Down To Earth.

Still unpacking boxes but at least most of it is done — Yay!!! And I finally have my writing desk set up – double Yay!!! Now I feel like I can get back to hacking out some serious writing or at the very least some writing that has to be tweaked later.  Sometimes I think I enjoy the tweaking part more than the first draft writing. Just something about finishing and polishing and making the whole thing look shiny.    🙂

Tomorrow’s post will be a book review of sorts. One book is one I have already read and the other is one that I’ll be purchasing soon to read. So I guess the second one is more like a book preview than review. Lol


Listen to what life has to offer.   What are you listening to today?

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