Meandering Tuesday

Woke up today thinking it was Monday then as I looked at my phone I realized it was Tuesday.  I had to think for a minute about where Monday went and why I didn’t remember it that much. I thought Maybe I was abducted by aliens, or walked into some hole in the space-time continuum then walked out right into Tuesday. Then as I logged in to post about this odd happening I saw that I posted on Monday so I had to be conscious for at least part of the day. lol

I suppose being busy with packing, moving, unpacking and reorganizing has made the weekend (and Monday) go flying past me in a blurry, hazy, foggy brained way. Either that or … well not sure.



At least I am accomplishing things even if I don’t recall them right away. Tomorrow I suppose today will seem like a blur and Wednesday will be blurred out by the holiday of Thursday. And hopefully I’ll catch up to myself or recapture myself or at least get my brain unpacked and reorganized soon.

Maybe I should plot my life the way you plot for a novel -nah- won’t work there are just too many variables. I’ll just keep a notebook handy (like a handy-dandy notebook lolol) to keep track of my whereabouts, comings, goings and everything in between. Just until my mind settles and I get into a good routine again.

Meander, wander, travel, adventure just keep track of yourself.  😉



2 thoughts on “Meandering Tuesday

  1. It is indeed Tuesday. Hard to believe sometimes. Hope the move was a good one. I’ll be over with my fold-up chair. Do you have coffee? xx

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