Hold Onto your Hat


A piece that I wrote for my creative writing group. It is definitely a work in progress, actually it just needs some minor tweaking and editing. It was fun to write and made me smile when i re-read it today for the post. Enjoy.


“Yes ma’am I understand.  I realize it is an emergency to you.  But you have to realize I have a lot of these calls this time of year.  Especially with the weather changing so often,


“I underst…,

“Okay.  No it is not a problem to come out.  That is what you have insurance for and I know how to do my job

“I’ll be there today.  Let’s make it 2 O’clock?  Okay I’ll see you then, yes I have your address, it is 1313 Wonder Lane.”

“I … okay …. I have to go and answer the other line now.  Okay.  See you then.”

Wow.  Some people just freak out at the littlest things this time of year.  But I do love my job.  I get to meet the most interesting people as an insurance agent.  Sometimes though, my clients are a bit ….. let’s say emotional.  Okay not really the right word but I just don’t know a better one.

Okay print the list and out to the clients’ homes.  Today it is a long to do list, or more accurately a who I need to see list.  The storms that have been coming through here have been causing me a lot of paperwork, the only thing I do not like about my job are the forms.  I need to start filling out these forms on computer and maybe save a few trees.
Okay here it 1313 Wonder Ln.  Nice size homes, maybe could sell a few addendum to the policies.  Extra insurance never hurts anyone.

Wow what a doorbell.  What is that song?  I’ll figure it out later .

“Hello Mrs.  Mann.  How are you?”

“I’d be great if you would have arrived sooner.  Come in and help us.  Please.”

“Alright, where is your husband?”

“Out back on the patio.  I told him to come when the storm started.  But no, he had to get a picture of the lightning.  He said you never see lightning in a snow storm.  I told him I do not care, that it was too windy to be out there.”

“Before I see what he needs, I need you to fill out the forms then sign and date where I have highlighted the lines.  Thank you.  You have a great home.  Ever consider….”

“We do not need anything else from you except to fix this situation.  You get paid enough for this.”

“With as adventurous as your husband has been lately, you may want to consider increasing your coverage.  This is the second time I had to come out in as many months.  And your current policy does not extend beyond this time.” Fear is a good motivator.  I am shameless.

“I did not realize that, but I won’t do it.  I will not get more coverage just so he can be more reckless.  Just help him please.”

“Okay.  What size is he again?”

“10 and 3/4s.  His favorite color is black.  And do you have any left with the red ribbon around the brim?  Being the holidays, he likes to be festive.”

“I thought he wore that kind all the time.  It’s the one I brought.” Holidays.  Almost forgot about it.  Mental note – go shopping for last-minute gifts.  “Out back on the patio?”

“Yes.  Hurry, please.  You know the memory lapse is worse the longer he has to wait.”

“Alright.” And people say I am too abrupt.  What a sight.  He is looking up camera in one hand and a completely lost look on his face.  “Okay Mr.  Mann here is your new hat.” When they placed it on his head he began to at least look around.

“Alright Snow I know you don’t remember much. But maybe you can remember to Hold Onto Your Hat.”

(c) 2008 Joelle Wilson. No part of this post may be reproduced in any way without permission of the author.

2 thoughts on “Hold Onto your Hat

  1. I love the stream of consciousness, but I think I’m a little too dense… I wasn’t *exactly* sure what happened at the end, and who/what the husband was. A snowman? And he has hat insurance, then?

    • You’re not dense…lol. And you got the ending. He is a Snow Mann and he has hat insurance. I think I’m going to put in another character in the beginning that the insurance agent works with or maybe she takes a trainee out with her to the Mann’s residence. Not sure yet but I know it’s percolating and marinating. 🙂

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