Moving Right Along

I’m not fond of packing boxes, loading boxes, moving boxes, unloading boxes, and then unpacking those boxes. But it they are all necessary steps in the process of moving. So I started thinking about the process of writing and how it is not unlike moving.

You have the idea of what you want to write –  a novel, short story, poem, memoir etc. –  get the feeling to move

Then you scribble out some notes about characters, setting etc. – start looking for a place to relocate yourself.

The plotting starts or perhaps you just start the writing or typing. – Making phone calls, inquire about pricing, pet policies, etc.

Your writing starts to take shape becoming more than notes and the first writings and typings. – Perhaps you drive by the intended place of relocation and check out the area surrounding it.

Chapters are first drafted, poetry lines have melded into stanzas etc. –  You find the best place to move into be it an apartment or house.

You look at the chapters, lines, stanzas and such to find that you need to edit here and there and sometimes everywhere. –  Acquiring boxes you now start packing and realize just how much stuff you have to pack.

The editing is underway, you are moving lines around, moving characters, deleting some paragraphs or pages. – Moving day is here and you have stacks of boxes to move. Putting those boxes in just the right place on the truck for maximum use of space. And you stop by the local donate-your-usable-to-other-people-stuff- here place.

First round of editing done  – Moving is completed

Second round of editing starts – Unpacking the boxes commences.

Editing continued – Unpacked all the boxes and now to the putting away of everything.

Book is finished – Everything is put away.


Okay I know moving is a lot easier than writing a book to its final completed state. With that fully realized I think I’m looking forward more to the move than finishing my book.  Lol. Just noticing how everyday things can be likened to writing a book. Maybe it’s only because I am writing a book. Or maybe it’s just because my mind is working overtime on finding patterns in life and how said patterns relate to other things or maybe I really need to lay off the coffee…   🙂


Write on and on stop by your local park and take a nap or a few photos, then write some more.



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