Musical Monday

Today I’m listening to:

Stevie Nicks  – Trouble in Shangri-La.

Troika – Shaman

Queen of the Damned soundtrack

Winnie the Pooh’s Christmas songs


Quite a combination I have for myself today. Different music evokes different moods and those moods then create various story lines, poems and other musings. It helps when I feel like I’m getting a bit stuck with my writing. Today I feel a little mires down in the book area so I’m switching gears and reworking some older poetry that needs the tweaking.  I’m hoping to get the poems rewritten in time to submit a few to the Writer’s Digest poetry contest.

And because I woke up so freakishly early – 6am – I have been quite the busy body.I  cleaned the bathroom, baked bread (at least I put the ingredients in the bread maker), baked some pumpkin bread and oh yes I cannot forget that I did some more packing (enter big sigh here).  And I still have a lot more to do today so I think when I finally do jump into (not onto although that’d be fun) bed I imagine sweet sleep will take me away readily.

I think it would be great though if I could recharge myself the same way I recharge my MP3 player. Now that brings up an odd visual – A people charging station – hmm I feel another short story coming on.  lol


Write on and on and then eat some chocolate.



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