Thoughts that kind of rhyme

Little mosquito leave me alone

I know you’re trying to get a last

blood meal, but really get out of

my home.

I don’t want you here, I’d like it

if you were far like maybe living up

at the northern star.

Your buzzing makes me cringe and

my teeth tend to grind whenever I

hear a noise of that kind,

So please, please will you just get out


I’ll even open the door or window if

it’ll speed your departure, this chasing and

smacking at you with me tripping down is pure torture.

go, go, go away from me you little blood sucking thing

and take that stupid noise with you, you know the one you  make

with your stupid little wings.

You’ve bitten me not once and not even twice I checked

each scratch and found out that you’ve bitten me thrice!

Listen you bastard and evil blood sucker

take your leave of me now, damn it go

you rotten mother………………


(c) 2010 Joelle Wilson.  No part of this poem may be reproduced in any manner without permission of the author.