Recipe For A Book

1 cup plot

2 (at the minimum) characters – 1 good and 1 bad

1 cup setting

1 cup theme

1 large idea

1 notebook with blank pages or binder with loose leaf pages – usually 100 is good to start with (pages I mean)

1 package of pens or pencils

*Note – if using pencils make sure to have a good eraser and pencil sharpener for you to employ.


Dice the idea into 1/2 inch cubes. Add (to start with) 1/2 cup of the plot, theme, and setting. Mix very well until it is all completely blended.  Add the characters and once again blend well. Then set it aside in a warm place to let it rise. * This may take up to a month

Once the above concoction has risen season to your taste then take your pen or pencil and dip it into the mixture.

Open your notebook/binder and set pen or pencil to the paper and begin writing.

Allow yourself to just write in a very carefree manner with the words flowing from your writing device. Continue to dip the writing device into above mixture and then go back to the paper.

After approximately 1 week to 1 month (it truly is different for everyone) look at your mixture and if needed add the rest of the plot, setting and theme to your mixture. Allowing it to once again rise in a warm place before using. Then just repeat the process again until you have finished your book.

When your book is finished you may notice that small holes have appeared, do not be alarmed this is completely normal. You only need to make another batch with the purpose of patching, sealing, fixing or otherwise fill in the holes.

Read through again and when you are satisfied that you are really finished ask a friend/family/trusted person to read through your book. She or He may notice things that you have overlooked but fear not all can be gone over and fixed if (and I stress IF) there is truly a problem with the original work.


*Please note that above recipe is for laughs and giggles. If you have not at least smiled once you are done reading, please feel free to read until said smile or giggle occurs.


** Also note that above recipe is not intended to diagnose or treat any malady except of course for WB – Writer’s Block.


***Yes another note – While writing if concentration lags, or the mind wanders simply get up turn in a circle clockwise three times and sit. You should now be at the ready to continue. (You are smiling again – are you not?)







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    • I was looking through the cookbook today figuring out what cookies to bake for the holidays this year and the idea cooked itself up in my head. lololol

  1. hmmm…will have to try that recipe. My baking is not so exact. a pinch of this a dash of that, stir it up and see what you’ve got. 🙂

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