Link Fest

I know the title is odd, weird and a little bit off but then that is just the real me.  lol 🙂

Today’s post is just a link to a very good article on Jane Friedman’s Blog. It’s from 10-26-10 so some of you may have read it before today but I just stumbled across it while clearing out the many emails in my inbox.  So check this out – What can set you apart:Your Ability To Focus.

Okay so right here is another great article on Jane’s site.  And if you are so inclined this article on Chuck Sambuchino’s blog – Guide To Literary Agents is also very interesting and useful (also fun).

November is National Novel Writing Month so I thought that this blog post – How To Lift Your Writing To New Heights would be particularly useful since the article states that you can do this on only 10 minutes per day.

StoryFix also has some good advice about writing your way through  NaNoWriMo by “telling your story in chunks and phases”.

This one is about storyboarding over at The Writer’s Alley.


Not that this one had anything to do with writing but it’s a fun site about daylight saving time.


And that is all for now. There are too many great posts out there to list them all. These are just the shineys that caught my attention today.    🙂

Have fun today. Hug a loved one today. Eat your fave desert today. Enjoy the weather (even if it’s cold) today. And as always write on and on and forever on.

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