Bouncing thoughts……….

The general feeling of today is exactly the title of this post. My thoughts are bouncing around inside my head like so many high-bounce balls. They are all clamoring for my attention like 5 year olds wanting to show me things. I’m trying to be patient with them after all they are mine even if they (at the moment) feel like strangers.

But I know within the next couple of days (maybe hours) that I will sit them all down in order of smallest to largest and give them the proper attention. I will write down each one then decide which one I’ll follow first. And so begins my week.

I should be able to get a lot of writing down this week as my son takes the OGT (ohio graduation tests).  I’ll be waiting in the car in the parking lot behind the church (yes church) with pen and paper in hand scribbling down plot lines, notating the notes, and generally writing down details about anything that happens to catch my attention.

It’s the same church parking lot where I first set down notes about the current WIP – 13*95 (a.k.a the murder book). It seems fitting that maybe this week I’ll get the finishing touches finished as I sit in the car, in that lot. Today though I will admit that there was no writing or note scribbling. Today there was confusion.

You see the person who was supposed to unlock the church for the teachers administering the OGT forgot to unlock the doors. They scrambled to find another suitable location. Which they did with the utmost expediency and efficiency. There was a rather long line of cars going from the church to the local YMCA.

I giggled and laughed because all I could think about was that Village People song – YMCA. And then I settled in to watch Iron Man 2 because by then I’d really lost focus on the writing.


Have a great Monday afternoon, evening, night……..    YMCA…… lol



2 thoughts on “Bouncing thoughts……….

  1. Young man, get your pencil and pen, I said, Young man, ain’t no church no today, I said, Young man, get your arse in the car, don’t need this ag ra va tion…let’s go on over to the Y-M-C-A

    okay, my attempt at humor today. you can see Mondays just throw me off tempo. 🙂

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