A Faery Is Staring At Me

Really, I’m not kidding about that title. There is a faery staring at me from the copy holder clip board thing on my desk. She is there to remind me to quit procrastinating and just finish my book already. You’d think being a faery that she’d  be nice and sweet, well oh no not this one. She’s threatened to bite at my feet if I don’t get cracking and just finish my book already.

She sits there and stares at me with her little green eyes and wings that are butterfly shaped but look more akin to a dragonfly. Not a word is she saying at this moment in time but I think when I look away she’ll do a great pantomime of how I must look staring at a blank page.

I give her honey cakes and small glasses of elderberry wine to appease her but she just glares all the more and I know that only my finished book shall please her. I have not asked for her name, frankly she scares me, perched ready to attack as she just dares me to – finish my book already.

Alright little faery enough is enough! I bolster my courage and try to act as if is she is only a bit of fluff, you know the gray crap and stuff that comes out of the lint trap in the dryer. If you just give me some smiles or maybe the occasional high-five I’d probably – just finish my book already.

Well fine then just be a scary faery and keep up with your staring, I’m gonna stop typing now and try to just finish my book already.   🙂


Faeries abound in the magical season of Autumn.  Get cracking and write….  🙂


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4 thoughts on “A Faery Is Staring At Me

  1. I know this isn’t a poem, but I think you have a poet’s touch even in your prose, with imagery like the lint out of a dryer trap, and the dragonfly wings. 🙂

  2. You should give it cherry wine. it’s sweet and tempting and the faery’ll warm up to you. but, then you wouldn’t get your writing done.

    • Cherry wine hahaha at first I read it as cheery wine. Hmm maybe if I drink a little nip of wine it’ll help with my book…. then again the faery would just smack me for drinking and writing. 🙂

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