A day late and a few lines short

Yesterday I wrote part one of  a poem about Fall and then due to technical difficulties could not get it to post. Not sure what the exact problem was but needless to say (so I’ll type it instead) the poem did not make it out to cyber space.  Next Wednesday I’ll have the poem done and ready to be posted with a photo as well. So now as I look back at yesterday maybe it was not such a big deal that the technical side of things went splat (or something like that) because now I can play around with the lines and add the visual impact of a fall photograph.

It has been a gorgeous Fall day here and I did get some wonderful shots of (not at) the trees.  So I shall use that sense of happiness I felt this morning as I was walking amongst those trees and try to remember the poem. It was an original I was typing here on the blog post area. Next time pen and paper first, computer file second, and blog post copy and paste third.

Go out and enjoy the afternoon, evening and night……….I know I will.  🙂


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