I think I misplaced Monday

Yesterday went by at what felt like warp speed or the speed of light or something akin to those things. I really planned on posting yesterday but by the time I had a few minutes to sit in front of my own computer, it was very late. Now I don’t even remember what I was going to write. lol

Today I was thinking about how the digital age is affecting the publishing world. Not that I really know a whole lot about that world (I’m still learning), but I was thinking about it just the same. With all the talk about e-readers and their place on the book shelves to replace the books on the shelves I have been considering what that means to me as a yet-unpublished-but-hopeful writer.

I would like my books when they are published (see I’m very hopeful) to come out initially as a traditionally printed paper book. Something I can: hold, see on the book shelf,  and hear as I just flip through the pages. Something that is tangible and real. I know that e-readers are tangible and real because you can hold them and see them and hear them electronically but there is just something about that paper book that solidifies it into reality. The pages seem to sing and play music as you turn them or flip through them. Can an e-book really feel the same?

I think that there should be a happy middle to all of it. I would hate to see the paper book completely disappear even though I know that change is good and so is progress, I would miss those singing paper pages. And there is the tech side of myself that loves the changes in technology and the gadgets that come out to play as a result of those changes. I think I am finding my happy middle to it all.  So here are a few more thoughts and this is most likely just a bit redundant but —–

I like the idea of e-readers and here is why:

1. portability

2. lots of books all in one place (okay that really goes with number one I suppose)

3. less paper being manufactured = less trees being cut down

4. the technology has come a long way and I do like technological advances

5. ease of downloading a book

There are probably more but I haven’t had those thoughts yet 🙂

I still like paper books because:

1. They feel good in your hands

2. The smell of a book is part of the fun

3. Getting the books signed by the author – I mean how can someone sign an e-book anyway.

4. Shopping at a bookstore and seeing all the wonderful books available is always exciting to me.

5. Being able to ignore the rest of the world while holding the book in front of your face so it blocks your view of the rest of the world.

And if I keep going this would have to be a two or four-part blog post. 🙂

I found a good article/blog post today about the future of publishing. It is by Jane Friedman – The Future of Publishing: You Get To Decide.


So get outside today, kick up a few fallen leaves, grab your favorite book and sit in your favorite spot – relax and read.





2 thoughts on “I think I misplaced Monday

  1. Yep, I feel the same way: I love traditional books, but I love technology too. So I’m hoping they can find a way to happily co-exist.

    Btw, a couple weeks ago I saw on Twitter that someone asked an author to sign her Kindle. Very cool! (Assuming you don’t stop liking that author…)

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