Yeah I said that word and I’ll say (type) it again — Vampires.  If you like an action filled book with vampires, a kick ass female protagonist, a story that pulls you through to the end and then leaves you wanting to read more about that world. Then you should check out Jocelynn Drake‘s Dark Days series of books. The vamps in her series are not frilly shirt wearing, come be hypnotized by my immortal beauty, romance you into the coffin kind of blood suckers.

They are hunters that now find themselves on the edge of their own destruction, but not by humanity.  A different race threatens to destroy the vampires, enslave the werewolves and claim humanity as their own to play with as they choose. The first book in the series, Nightwalker, is a thrill to read if Urban Fantasy is to your taste.

Nightwalker (Dark Days, Book 1)

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