Writers and Tools

Good Afternoon! Here is a thought I pondered and would like to share. I suppose would like to share isn’t quite right (or right at all) since I am sharing. And suppose doesn’t fit either because I am not supposing but actually saying as a fact…..

Anyway —-

As writer’s we all use different tools to assist us on our writing journey. Some writers use swords, bows and arrows, catapults and how to books. Others may use their own knowledge drawn from their life experiences, family experiences and friends. The way we write is as different as snowflakes in that we are all individuals. Still others may use a combination of different techniques and guides. And no one way is the right way for all writers.

The challenge is to find the way that is the best for you and your writing. Once you find it (and you will if haven’t yet), a whole new dimension of writing will open itself to you. Your creative mind will spark idea after idea after idea.

Write on and on forever………………..or at least a day or an hour a day or…..

2 thoughts on “Writers and Tools

  1. Yup, that is so true! Which is why it’s kind of funny how we all read about other people’s methods and buy books about writing, etc. It’s like we’re looking for the secret recipe, the magical method, when there is none!

    (But then again, learning what works/doesn’t work for other people can help you find your own path…)

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