Just a Quickie

I will be, I am, I’m trying to, I’m going to,   no let’s try that again – I have (yeah that’s it!). I have  changed my blog schedule. And I apologize for not telling anyone. I mean it’s not like it was a secret or anything but it seemed part of my mind deemed to keep it that way.  I’ve ripped opened that door and the secret is out – lol.

Anyway –

I will posting new content  Mon -Tues – Wed (for a few months) as I get into a better pace with my writing projects and I have been getting the best push Thu – Sun. So instead of just writing something, anything just to put new content on my blog, I am opting to change the schedule.

I’m still finding my way within the blogging  universe.  🙂

The writing road goes forever on. Although it has many twists and turns and occasionally some ruts, furrows, mountains, wide rivers, small streams, really big lakes and tiny little ponds.

1 thought on “Just a Quickie

  1. Dude, I’ve been blogging since I was 9 and I’m constantly finding my way. I’m actually finding it hard to post more than 2 times a week lately… And yes, far better to save that energy/those words for your real writing instead!

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