Magnificent Monday

Yes I said that about a Monday. I mean really poor Monday gets looked down on once a week, four (sometimes five) times per month. Is this necessary? Not at all – in my opinion.  Just because we may at times over do it over the weekend is no reason to beat up Monday just for being the day after Sunday. Because that’s all it really is – the day after Sunday.

And so I started to think today. Quit laughing….I think everyday. At least I try to have some form of thoughts on a daily basis. Settle down with the snickering, giggling and silly statements about to encircle your mind. 🙂


I thought about all of the negative thoughts that have been overloading my brain all through August and some of September. And how I would usually  mentally beat myself up for having them. Today I thought – Why? Is it really necessary and does it serve any useful purpose? Not at all. In my opinion.

You can’t help sometimes having the not-so-good thoughts intruding on your oasis of positivity. So why should I blame myself for them being there? You see  – no useful purpose.

And so …

I am applying the “Does it serve any useful purpose?” idea to my writing. As a writer you also can’t help sometimes putting in too many details, not enough details, rambling on and on about things, etc, etc, etc.  So instead of putting myself down and being over-the-top-critical about it, I am now just going to ask “Does it serve any useful purpose?” If the answer is no, then delete shall be the course of action. If yes then it just needs a little editing or streamlining to make the story move in a forward direction.

And that is what the beginning of the week really is — a chance to move in a forward direction.

Write on and on and forever on.

6 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday

  1. Oh if only I could use that delete button in life too for all the time wasting stuff 🙂

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