Feeling a bit spooky today…..

And just because Halloween is a little over a month away this is what I have for you today.

In the Dark
September 30, 2008
by Joelle Wilson
In the dark,
the shadows crawl
through the windows and
down the walls.
In the dark,
their voices whisper
and they call,
taunting whimpers
from across the hall.
In the dark,
you lie in your bed
trying in vain to ignore
the calls of the dead.
In the dark,
those things jump
and they growl
with scratching claws
and chilling howls.
In the dark,
you lie motionless
hoping they will leave
and not give to you
their cold kiss.
In the dark,
your heart beats strong
the pounding rhythm
that fuels their song.
In the dark,
those shadows reign
using your fear
to play out their game.
In the dark,
I watch and I wait
knowing your soul
I will soon take.

(c) 2008  Joelle Wilson no part of this post may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.