Tuesday Thoughts

So it’s only Tuesday and it feels like it should be at least Thursday.  I’ve been busy with writing/re-writing/writing and cracking the invisible whip to keep my son on a good school schedule. In between all of that I have adding more stuff to the box of yard sale items (yeah the one that was supposed to happen a couple of months ago) and I feel like I want to just unload everything. But I won’t do that just the things that no longer have a valid place in my life.

After all how can you have new things if the the old cluttery stuff is blocking the space for it?

The walking has been good, although I think my feet may tell a different story from their pov.  I think I need new shoes, some good walking shoes,  a pair of good not too expensive walking shoes.  Yup my feet agree with me on that thought.

I have finally decided on a working title of the book I have been hammering out (okay really I’ve been typing it but at times it just feels like hammering),    1395. That’s it short and to the point. Not sure if it’s going to stick as the final title but for the moment it works.

So that is all for today, until I think of something else to say. 🙂

Unclutter your stuff and lift some dust oh yeah and write on and on and on too.

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